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Basic Information

Eurabia is a shorthand for the belief that Europe will soon be subsumed by the Arab World, because of alleged appeasement towards Muslims as well as high birth rates of Muslim immigrants in Europe (causing non-Muslims to become minority populations). This belief is treated with contempt by the current media/political elites of the US and Europe, but it nevertheless persists as a conspiracy theory, primarily among American conservatives and a source of very real concern for many ordinary Europeans.


2. Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis Bat Ye'or ISBN: 978-0838640777

Game and Story Use

  • Similar trends will give rise to similarly exaggerated fears in other times, places, and settings.
    • In a fantasy setting, humans might be afraid of the immigration of halflings or goblins - or elves might warn about the dangers of unchecked immigration of humans to their lands.
  • In an urban fantasy setting, the mere fears of Eurabia might give rise to a dream world representing those fears, which might be visited by the player characters. Similar locations might exist for other fear-warped reflection of real places - Imperial America, Yellow Peril China, and so forth.
  • For those looking for a dystopia twenty minutes into the future to campaign in, Eurabia might be a good one to try, allowing for conflict between Organised Crime, Islamist Insurgents, Patriotic Volunteer Groups (who are in tension over their common cause but historical international rivalries) and Authoritarian Governments in denial that any problem exists.
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