Evil Laugh
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Basic Information

The Evil Laugh usually starts with "mua", "mwa", or sometimes "nya", followed by a bunch of "hahahaha".

It can be roughly translated as:

  1. I'm an evil supervillain, card carrying villain, or evil sorcerer
  2. my evil plan has come to fruition, or is about to do so
  3. and our setting or genre is a bit on the pulpy / cheesy side.

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Game and Story Use

  • An Dead Horse Trope it's been overdone and comes off as cheesy. That said, it's also an Undead Horse Trope, in that you can get away with it if your setting is a little quirky, or the character doing the evil laugh is presented as crazy. It's a classic - but don't expect the players to ever take that particular villain 100% seriously again.
    • "Do you think Bad Horse never practiced his evil whinny?" — Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
  • In a properly pulpy four-color game, there may be a rule that you can't hit a villain in the middle of their evil laugh or cheesy monologue. Without such protection be granted by the genre, expect this to be interrupted.
    • Which suggests some interesting powers. A sonic laughter attack, or laughter that is charming or bewildering.
    • Or a proper flaw for a villain. -2 to his defense while he's laughing.
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