Expedition set for 'ghost peaks'
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October 14, 2008: Scientists from the United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Australia, China and Japan are preparing for an expedition which will explore the Gamburtsev Mountains, a mountain range in Antarctica discovered by the Soviets in the 1950s which is covered by up to 4 km of glaciers. A secondary goal is to drill for ice samples which have lain undisturbed for more than a million years.



Game and Story Use

  • Could these be the Mountains of Madness described in the Cthulhu Mythos?
    • If so, the expedition might excavate Elder Things, shoggoths and other Lovecraftian horrors.
    • In Lovecraft's novel, the Mountains of Madness were exposed to the air. If they are identical with the Gamburtsevs, then what happened to bury them under so much ice?
      • The PCs might be members of this expedition discovering all sorts of "impossible" inconsistencies in the ice core samples, and slowly becoming aware that ancient, inhuman menaces lurk nearby. Eventually, they need to escape and survive somehow.
        • Reading the mega-campaign "Beyond the Mountains of Madness" for Call of Cthulhu will be very useful as inspiration.
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