Explosive Laden Calif Home To Be Destroyed
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December 6, 2010 - Escondido, California - The suburban home of an alleged bank robber was found to be full of amateur explosives. It was deemed too dangerous to manually remove the explosives from the property, and the house was too crowded for a bomb-disposal robot to navigate. So, authorities have decided to evacuate the neighborhood and do a controlled burn of the property.


Game and Story Use

  • Hundreds of pounds of home-made explosives, crates of grenades, rooms full of random junk… sounds like the police may have found the PCs secret base! If the police destroy all our bombs, how will we ever fight against the secret alien conspiracy?
    • Who do you think arranged for the police raid?
  • Who says games set in the modern era don't have dungeons full of treasure? The PCs break into the home of a minor criminal to follow up on some clue or lead, and discover that the place is packed to the gills with weapons and bombs. Depending on the characters involved, they may clean the place out, blow it up, or call the authorities.
    • That the property was full of bombs might mean the bad guy was up to something far more notorious than simply robbing a bank. Terrorism is a possibility, or maybe they planned to step up the robbing to targets along the lines of Fort Knox.
  • There's something in the house the PCs need to get their hands on, but meanwhile the clock is ticking. If they don't get in there tonight, tomorrow morning, the Fire Department and Bomb Squad will destroy it all.
  • This could be a hazard to innocent bystanders, or those downwind. What if hidden amongst the home-made explosives is a dirty bomb? What if the fire doesn't burn right, and results in a huge explosion?
  • The house was a stash of weaponry intended for latter use by John Connor and the Resistance after Judgment Day. Skynet sent an operative back in time to alert the authorities, and deprive humanity from it's largest future weaponry stash in the early days of the conflict. (Better yet, replace the Terminator-specific characters with the factions of your own Time-Travel game.)
  • Perhaps the bombs weren't meant to be used, but rather to be left in the place. A self-destruct for a can full of evil, maybe?
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