Fastest Gun In The West
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Basic Information

The Fastest Gun In The West is a title only one Gunslinger has the right to claim at a time. It refers to the Character who has the ultimate Quick Draw. Nobody can draw and fire a gun faster than this guy. As a result, he wins every duel he ends up in, and others tend to be reluctant to fight him.

However, this fearsome reputation tends to bring unwanted attention. Every two-bit varmint in the state wants to take a piece outta this guy to make themselves more badass. Hence, the Fastest Gun In The West tends to have to keep traveling to try and find a place where nobody wants to fight them.

This character can be a hero or a villain. The heroic type won't bring out his guns unless absolutely necessary, and then only to bring down an wild west outlaw or bandito. The villain version is a sneaky bastard who just loves shootin' an' killin', but may be brought low by the resourcefulness of heroes.

If this character ever loses a duel, his mantle passes on to the one that killed him, who must then endure the same curse that the former fastest gun put up with.

See Also: Reputation and Legend.



Game and Story Use

  • If you're looking to have a real exciting game, ask your GM if you can play this character. Just don't get too attached to the character, okay?
  • Could make a good The Dragon. Probably not the Big Bad Evil Guy, that'd be the dude who's hired him or is pullin' his strings.
  • Have one of the PC's mistaken for a notorious gunfighter. The fame and the adulation will be sweet. For a while. And then the real Swifty Morgan rides into town…
  • Hilarious if a PCs accquires the crown by accident - especially if he's actually a really bad shot and the previous incumbent either allowed himself to be outdrawn, fumbled or simply had a stoppage…
  • The Fastest Gun in the West dies in his sleep, and now everyone's trying to claim the title.
  • Could be applied to other genres too, with martial arts being an obvious example. Lots of wuxia fiction involves characters challenging various masters simply to build their reputation.

Building This Character

  • It's all about initiative. If there's something you can take that increases your initiative, do so.


  • Should almost always be a very high level character. If he's not, it's for comedic effect, or because he took this title unjustly.



  • Quick Draw is the main concern. (In some systems, might not be a skill, but a Feat, Edge, or Power instead). Any and all related abilities to act faster should be taken.
  • Marksmanship comes in a distant second. You don't need fancy shooting as much as quick shooting.
  • Intimidation
  • Awareness / Notice / Intuition / Spot Hidden / etc. - whatever your game system calls it.
  • Riding - at whatever level is needed to shoot from the saddle competently.
  • Survival - because you're always traveling, trying to stay ahead of challengers.
  • Gunsmithing, Repair, or some similar skill. You need to keep your gun in it's best possible condition, so it never fails you. The best gunfighters in the real world cleaned their gun twice a day. You may also want to modify the gun, giving it a faster draw or lighter trigger.
  • Reputation - which is both a blessing and a curse.
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