Faux Action Girl
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Basic Information

It's not easy being a Faux Action Girl. She has the look; she has the reputation; she has the credentials; but somehow when the time comes to kick butt, she's the one who gets kicked.

Sometimes she's just being set up to be a Distressed Damsel. Sometimes she's given the chance to take out some low-level mooks, before a tougher baddie takes her down. Sometimes she is genuinely skilled, but her pride or some other personality flaw proves to be her downfall. Sometimes she's truly capable, but is sacrificed in the name of The Worf Effect. No matter what, in the end, someone else is going to have to save the day.



Game and Story Use

  • Almost by definition, this character is an NPC. Perhaps a teammate; perhaps a rival; perhaps a love interest; but she is an NPC and so it is important that the GM not let her outshine the PCs.
  • As with male examples, this character can actually be quite highly skilled in some martial art or similar style … but find that it doesn't translate well to actual combat.
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