Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Fayetteville, Arkansas is a small town with an "old soul" feel to it, especially the downtown area commonly refered to as The Square and Dickson Street where most of the students go to relax. The main campus of the University of Arkansas is also housed here where many different people of other nationalities come to study, mixing in with the predominately white population.

Basic Information

Picture of "Old Main", the first permanent building erected in the University of Arkansas.


Game and Story Use

  • "The University" campaign setting in White Wolf's "Mysterious Places" would be an ideal fit for this location as most of the campus is on hilly terrain and it would be very difficult to those in dormitory housing to leave campus during severe weather or for emergency services to access the area.
  • This city along with Bentonville, Rogers, and Bella Vista (all located in Northwestern Arkansas) have an "old money" feel to it. Many of the wealthy in the area are pre-established, owning much of the property in the area and making money off of renting. Anyone trying to establish any kind of influence in the area will have to not deal with a "crime family" but instead with a pseudo-aristocracy that has lasted for generations.
  • There is a lot of open space in between "major" cities which is mostly unmolested decidious forest, perfect for Werewolf campaigns.
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