FDA to consider approval of modified salmon
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September 19 2010: The United States Food & Drug Administration to mulling over giving approval to farm genetically-modified salmon for the purposes of human consumption. The modified salmon have heightened levels of growth horomone, produced constantly instead of just at certain times of the year. The food industry says this will increase world food production. Industry watchdogs warn that it could result in extreme allergic reactions from those with only mild reaction to normal fish, or the larger and faster growing salmon could escape and outbreed unmodified salmon.



Game and Story Use

  • Genetic Engineering is the new Radiation, so have some fun with it!
    • Giant 30-foot salmon cannibalize the parent species into extinction, and threaten to do the same to coastal human populations.
    • A retrovirus causes the new genes to somehow jump species. Everyone who works at the hatcheries starts to develop the Innsmouth look. Eventually, the entire workforce heads up stream to spawn and die.
    • Unprecedented allergic reactions kill millions in coastal cities. Due to the elevated horomone levels, death doesn't stop them from growing. Giant zombies now stalk the city streets.
    • An evil megacorp releases the modified salmon to intentionally cause any or all of the above ideas.
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