Feuding Families
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Basic Information

Feuding Families is a trope that represents two or more large families, well, feuding. There might have been a recent initial cause for the feud, or the origin of the feud might be lost in the mist of time. Regardless, each time a member of one family attacks the other, the other side cries for revenge, and when the revenge is carried out the cycle is repeated and intensified.

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Game and Story Use

  • These are always fun for the PCs to get into - there usually is no clear villain (or maybe both sides have them), and whenever they move against one side the entire family is likely to retaliate against them.
    • And the PCs might not find out about that detail until it is too late.
      • Perhaps that's why one side hired them in the first place - because no one in the area who knows the situation would be daft enough to get involved. But if the PCs are strangers, things might be different…
  • Perhaps one or more of the PCs come from one family in such a feud. In that case, their own family will expect them to get involved while the other side will attack them whether they want to get involved or not.
    • Perhaps the party has representatives from both families. Do they attempt to make peace between the clans - or do they just want to get out of there and away from all this madness?
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