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Basic Information

A Fewterer was the keeper and handler of greyhounds in medieval and renaissance society, making it a specialised version of the kenneler or master of hounds. Possibly a fewterer might be one of a number of breed specialists working under the master in a large kennel. Presumably at least some fewterers would also double as huntsmen as required.

Presumably the fewterer could be expected to breed, train and care for other fast breeds as well - and most likely any kind of dog if required. The huntsman variety would likely also know tracking, basic butchery, stealth and probably appropriate weapon skills.

Likely skill sets would include dog training and basic veterinary skills.

Very much an archaism and not in current use.


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Game and Story Use

  • Unlikely to be of much use unless you want an NPC to be hanging around a castle or similar high end facility.
    • Or if the PCs decide to buy some coursing or racing dogs.
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