Fictional Characters
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Basic Information

Fictional Characters are somewhat like Mythological Characters, except that instead of coming from a body of legend or folklore, they can be traced to a specific work of fiction by a specific author. As with most definitions, this one gets a little fuzzy around the edges, but a good rule of thumb is, any character who is not a real person and does not exist in the Public Domain is Fictional.

Here are some to get started:


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Game and Story Use

  • Such characters might make interesting NPCs for the players to meet.
    • If you are feeling sacrilegious, and willing to risk a bit of silliness, you may have the fictional characters be parodies of their famous reputations.
  • Rub the serial numbers off them, and they might be good models for a PC.
  • Or, they might make good members of a League of Extraordinary Whatevers
  • Warning: Overuse of Fictional Characters may lead to Roy Thomas Syndrome.
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