Foam Explosive
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Basic Information

A foam explosive is, more or less, exactly what it says on the tin1 - an explosive that is exuded as a foam, visually similar to shaving foam. The user exudes the foam onto a surface, inserts a detonator and allows a short time for it to harden. The charge can then be fired, acting as a contact explosive against whatever it was stuck to.

Applications include forced entry work - where the foam can be used to breach windows, doors and drywall - and EOD work such as IED removal and de-mining where the foam can be conveniently applied to whatever the bomb-tech desires to destroy.

Presumably the addition of some pre-shaped hollow formers could even allow exploitation of the Munroe effect to create expedient shaped charge for improved breaching.


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Game and Story Use

  • Conceivably, this stuff could be disguised as cans of shaving foam … although someone would probably notice if they actually tried to shave with it.
  • This stuff also occurs naturally … sort of.
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