Folklore Of The United States
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Basic Information

Characters of American Folklore

These are the major characters of American Folklore. Some of these are actual people such as George Washington and the folklore about him and the cherry tree. Others are based closely on actual people, such as Mose the Fireboy who is a fictionalized or folkloric version of one of the gang leaders of the old Bowery Boys street gang from NYC. Yet others were "cut from whole-cloth" to tell the tale of the United States and the American Spirit without worrying about getting the details right. Lastly, there are a few cryptids and monsters on the list, a few of which have their origins in conspiracy theories or Native American mythology and religion.

Nearly everyone and everything on this list has been around long enough to enter the public domain.

Major Events of American Folklore

Roanoke Colony
Salem Witch Trials
American Revolution
Lewis and Clark Expedition
Underground Railroad
American Civil War
The Old West
Battle of the Little Bighorn
Gunfight at the OK Corral
Transcontinental railroad
Pearl Harbor
UFO sightings and Alien Abduction
Roswell UFO Incident

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