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Basic Information

The term forest can (at least in English) possess two different, but not necessarily mutually exclusive definitions.

The first, most widly used, is that of an area of land largely or completely covered by trees, usually in a temperate or colder climate.

The second, mostly restricted to Great Britain (and there mostly to England) is that of an area of land reserved under special laws - originally as a game conservancy for hunting by the king and his peers, and latterly as national parks.

A forest will tend to be sparsely settled compared to agricultural land (since, if it were not sparsely settled, the trees would have been felled and the land turned over to agriculture), but may still contain villages and towns, let alone smaller habitations.

A forest may - or may not - be managed by a forester of one kind or another.

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List of Noteworthy Forests

Named Real World Forests

Real World Forest SubTypes

Mythological Forests

Fictional Forests

  • Dungeon Forest - a variant typically encountered by adventurers. Mirkwood and Fangorn are good examples.
  • Fungus Humongous - sometimes forests consist of giant mushrooms



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