Forget crop circles - now we've got a mysterious SHEEP circle
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Basic Information

January 25, 2008: In Kington, Herefordshire, sheep have been gathering in mysterious circles, reminiscent of crop circles. A local farm manager claimed that the likely reason for this behavior is that the sheep had been fed with food arranged in such circles.

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Game and Story Use

  • Crop circles are often associated with fairies. Perhaps fairies need such circular arrangements to enter and leave our world - so maybe they caused the sheep to gather in such circles to gain better access to either world.
  • Or perhaps the sheep are summoning the Elder Sheep God, Baa-Ewe-Baa to take vengence on wool-gathering humanity. Just sayin' is all.
  • Sheep trained to form magic circles on command or trample them out could be useful to a wizard who uses such things.
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