Forging Montage
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Basic Information

A forging montage is a dramatically significant piece of crafting, wherein a weapon - usually a sword - is manufactured as the viewer watches. This is primarily a cinematic trope, being mostly visual, but can be implemented with slightly more effort in literature … RPGs will struggle even more. Key ingredients involve a forge lit mostly by the glow of firelight and glowing metal and brawny smiths sweating with hammers as the pound the blade into shape.

Badly researched examples will include the blade being cast into shape in a mould1 (bonus hilarity if the casting includes the hilt), things that look like sword being hammered on an anvil2 and sparks flying everywhere3. Another myth is the slaking of swords in all sorts of bizarre things - especially living humans or their blood - which in reality would ruin the metal.

Bonus drama can be extracted from the montage if the forging is done by some supernatural character or process - craftsman gods, enslaved titans and similar things and/or not all of the materials that they use are mundane (hence weapons forged from moonlight, thunderbolts4 and similar things).


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