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r_b_bergstromr_b_bergstrom 11 Sep 2021 18:49
in discussion Meta Forums / Per page discussions » Rage Zombie

That makes sense. Indicating the type of media (movie, computer RPG, etc) isn't all that especially important most of the time, and we don't really have a consistent format or labeling structure. So don't stress over it.

The one media-type that I do strive to point out clearly is if a link goes directly to a video that might potentially auto-play. In those cases, I generally take care to make sure that I mark it as a video, for example:

: youtube : **Video:** [link-to-a-video-on-youtube Video-Name-goes-here]

That way, if anyone is reading/editing on their break at work, they won't accidentally click on something that might suddenly become an audio disruption to their coworkers. "Hey there, everybody in the nearby cubicles! I bet you're all now wondering if I'm on an approved 15-minute break, or goofing off on the clock!"
by r_b_bergstromr_b_bergstrom, 11 Sep 2021 18:49

Given the amount of asshole posts we've had to hoover up over the years, your reaction is understandable.
The post was inspired because quite a lot of those bullet points seemed to echo stuff from the game. The Fallen London universe has some really weird, deeply buried lore involving self aware stars and things … there are three games out there, the freemium browser RPG Fallen London, the underwater sea-skippering game Sunless Sea and the flying space steam engine game Sunless Skies. All three tie together and involve literal alien space bats.

by The ColonelThe Colonel, 06 Sep 2021 23:21
The ColonelThe Colonel 06 Sep 2021 23:15
in discussion Meta Forums / Per page discussions » Rage Zombie

Thanks - the step to disambiguating multiple "movie" or "cRPG" labels is what has been scuppering me. I'll see what I get wrong next time.

by The ColonelThe Colonel, 06 Sep 2021 23:15

I will try to explain it.

The syntax is fairly simple, but must be followed very precisely. Any deviation will break the bibliography block. Here's an example, and instructions:

: label1 : link or name
: label2 : link or name

Each bibliography entry MUST be on it's own line.
Each bibliography entry MUST be located between the words "bibliography" and "/bibliography" that open and close the entire bibliography block, just like in the example.
Each entry MUST start with a ":", then exactly 1 space.
Replace "label1" with any alpha numeric string you want.
  • No special characters.
  • No spaces.
  • You can't use the same label for two different entries on the same page. They must be at least 1 letter different.
  • Other than that, what the label is doesn't really matter. No one will see it except when they're editing the page. Feel free to just make something up, but keep it relatively short.

After the label, there must be exactly 1 space, then another ":", then exactly 1 more space.
After that, you can put whatever you want in the place where I wrote "link or name".

And that's all there is to it.

So, for example, if we type in:

: 28 : **Movie:** //28 Days Later//
: LastofUs : **cRPG:** //Last of Us//

It will display as:

1. Movie: 28 Days Later
2. cRPG: Last of Us

I hope that helped. Let me know if any part of it is still confusing.

Someone wrote on this page, in response to a bunch of my bullet points: "Has someone been playing Fallen London too much?"

No, actually, I've never heard of Fallen London. What's that?

(googles it)… oh, I have played a bit of the computer game Sunless Sea, by that same publisher, which seems to be in the same series, but I can't remember any part of it having to do with the universe being conscious. Maybe I didn't play far enough.

P.S.: I knee-jerk-reflexively deleted your line on the page, because I didn't see how the random bit of snark without context helped the page at all. But that was really rude of me. There should be a pretty high bar for just deleting someone else's contribution. Far higher than just "I don't understand your reference." I apologize for that. I was just unnecessarily being a jerk, and really shouldn't have deleted that. My bad. I've since tried to revert to your version, but the reversion is not propagating just yet. Hopefully it will revert correctly given time.

Fallen London? by r_b_bergstromr_b_bergstrom, 04 Sep 2021 07:13
The ColonelThe Colonel 17 Aug 2021 22:51
in discussion Meta Forums / Per page discussions » Rage Zombie

thanks - never have been able to get the Bibliography section to work…

by The ColonelThe Colonel, 17 Aug 2021 22:51

For those who love their old skool D&D, did anyone ever work out religion an "Eye of the Law" belonged to?

by The ColonelThe Colonel, 27 Jul 2021 13:21

I've noticed on two different days recently, that the arcanawiki (and I'd guess all of wikidot) is having a strange bug, that could cause us to lose content if we're not careful.

Basically, if you save a page, and then re-open it within a few minutes to make another edit, it is sometimes not opening the new version you just saved, but instead opens the previous version. So then if you make a change and save it, the previous edits are either lost or hidden in the page history.

As near as I can tell, the way to avoid this is to wait a few minutes between edits. Eventually, the changes you made propagate to the editing function. I haven't played around with it enough to figure out if its an issue with a specific browser, or if it can be fixed by just clearing your cache / reloading the page. It's only happened a few times that I've noticed, but I imagine it'd be easy to miss if the previous edit was small, and/or was done by someone else.

The best work-around is probably planning out your changes in advance so you don't have to re-open the page twice in a row to add the little thing you forgot on the first draft.

If editing a page that someone else has recently worked on, please take a moment to visually inspect it and make sure that the version you've got open isn't missing anything. Thank you.

Ah, that explains it.

by The ColonelThe Colonel, 24 Apr 2021 12:47

It was a redirect page, I just forgot to go back in and put the redirect tag on the page until you pointed it out.

Wikidot page links can get weird sometimes if the page title is beyond a certain length, or if the page title has any non-letter characters in it. The page in question has the title/header of "Why The Egyptian Army Didn't Shoot", but actually has a url of:

Note there's no apostrophe, and there's also extra words in two different places.

by r_b_bergstromr_b_bergstrom, 23 Apr 2021 17:19

I was thinking of linking the "why the Egyptian army didn't shoot" myself, but ran out of steam, so more power to him. My first thought was a re-direct but there was no sign of it, so the board being weird is as good an explanation as any.

by The ColonelThe Colonel, 21 Apr 2021 23:10

I'm guessing, but I see that r_bergstrom posted cluster of posts/revisions related to military/military units. I'm thinking that he wanted to link the "Egyptian Army" page to these other ones and something went wonky.

"All the World's a Stage and Everyone's a Critic" — Mervyn Alquist

by quarkstomperquarkstomper, 20 Apr 2021 23:36

Maybe I'm being thick here, but why is this page showing up as new all of a sudden?

by The ColonelThe Colonel, 20 Apr 2021 21:36
r_b_bergstromr_b_bergstrom 10 Apr 2021 07:22
in discussion Meta Forums / Per page discussions » Sub Neptune

Just thinking out loud: Recent observation suggests mini-neptunes are the most common planet-type in our galaxy. That means it would make sense for them to show up a lot on our random planetary system tool. So, if you were wondering, that's why I made a sub-neptune redirect page, and put an "rps_badplanet" tag on. Doubling their frequency in the tool is a slight nod towards increased realism.

by r_b_bergstromr_b_bergstrom, 10 Apr 2021 07:22

Had to read twice to figure out that there is a Batavia in Illinois … on first reading: "not far from Chicago"? - it's on the other side of the planet! Although come to think of it, there's probably one in Holland as well…

by The ColonelThe Colonel, 09 Apr 2021 13:32
The ColonelThe Colonel 23 Jan 2021 18:54
in discussion Meta Forums / Per page discussions » Tires

Had to clean up the formatting and add a bit of content to the initial entry. Ironically, as per the story usage suggestion, the tires are likely to outlive most of the other parts of the machine, but I've left that in anyway.

by The ColonelThe Colonel, 23 Jan 2021 18:54
r_b_bergstromr_b_bergstrom 22 Jan 2021 23:02
in discussion Meta Forums / Per page discussions » Ship

Thank you for adding the clarification.

by r_b_bergstromr_b_bergstrom, 22 Jan 2021 23:02

I'm now getting one of those "death of the author" things - similar to the possibly legendary moment where a professor of English argued over the meaning of a passage with its author.
"*long involved psychoanalysis of H.P's work*"
"No, actually I just hate n***…"

by The ColonelThe Colonel, 20 Jan 2021 10:57

…"nice". Wierdly I'd never heard of either of those pieces which, you are correct, give a very different impression. Also qualifies what you meant by surprise racist bits. Strange how what appears to be quite a complex situation can coincide with someone being a pretty straightforwrd dick.

by The ColonelThe Colonel, 20 Jan 2021 10:53

Here's a few direct citations from his own work that are pretty hard to argue as being anything other than horribly racist:

See Lovecraft's poem "On The Creation Of *N-WORD*" from 1912. As you can imagine, he did not use the euphemism "N-Word" in his poem, he used the actual offensive word, spelled it out and even made it the rhyme at the end of a line. In fact, the entire point of all eight lines of the poem are to insult and slander an entire race, and say they are less than human. Lovecraft was terribly racist. Full stop. Not just "a product of his time", but full-on repugnant, and it runs as a theme in all his work.

Or see Lovecraft's story "Polaris" from 1920. All through the tale it talks about horrible demons, and then reveals that the horrible demons are an existing race and culture of humans. Not as in "some some members of this race are possessed by monsters" or even "some members of this race are monsters", but literally "by the way the horrible demons I was talking about, today we know them by a different name, and that different name is the same as an existing ethno-cultural group because they are all monsters." It's some seriously messed-up bigotry, with no attempt to hide it.

I disagree STRONGLY by r_b_bergstromr_b_bergstrom, 20 Jan 2021 09:47
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