Fountain of Youth
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Basic Information

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According to popular legend, Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León discovered the present-day state of Florida while searching for the Fountain of Youth. In actuality, stories about magical waters that grant youth or extended life date back to Herodotus or farther. Although Ponce de León did explore Florida in 1515, the story about the Fountain did not become attached to his journeys until after his death.


Game and Story Use

  • The term "Fountain of Youth" is often applied metaphorically to anything that is believed to restore youth and vigor.
    • It could extend a person's natural lifespan
    • Or it could actually de-age the person to a younger state.
    • Or the imbiber may look the same, but become filled with vigor and youthful energy.
      • And perhaps sexual appetite as well! The earliest of the Ponce de León legends claimed he was looking for a cure for his impotence.
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