Fourth Biker Of The Apocalypse
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By quarkstomperquarkstomper


The Adventure Seed

She was sighted at the Jim Jones compound in Guyana the weekend before his cult committed mass suicide. She was at Camp Koresh in Waco. Old TV footage places her in the Manson Family. An old photograph even shows her at Auschwitz in 1943.

You have come across a cache of photos and newspaper clippings, all showing a dark-haired woman on a motorcycle in different eras. The bike changes from year to year, but the woman is unmistakably the same. And every time she appears, she is the herald of unspeakable evil.

Who is this mysterious woman, and what is her connection to the abominable acts she accompanies?

You don't know; but you've seen her again on TV at a charismatic evangelist's megachurch; and you have a feeling of dread…

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