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"In vain the fowler's net is spread in the sight of the bird"

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Basic Information

A fowler is a hunter of wildfowl, whether on his own account or as a huntsman for someone else. The title more or less assumes a full time job and some degree of legitimacy - where the fowling is illegal, the fowler becomes a poacher instead.

Dependant on era and culture, the tools of the trade may vary from nets and sticks (such as the boomerang) to shotguns and even the punt-gun (essentially a small, boat mounted cannon). Some fowlers may also work with traps and snares.

Fowling is common in swamps and other wild places where wildfowl gather, and may be a significant source of food for communities in such places. The birds may also be hunted for their feathers and other useful industrial materials.

Useful skills will include stealth, ranged weapons, navigation and probably boat operation.


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Game and Story Use

  • Fowlers are likely to make good guides in the traditionally dangerous terrain of a swamp.
  • Also likely people to meet in the wilderness.
  • And adventure hooks when they go missing - or find something whilst wandering about.
  • If a specific sort of bird is required, these are your people … live capture may cost extra.
  • As good a background as any for a PC in those systems that worry about such things.
    • An excellent background for a Sniper, in particular; many snipers developed their skills by hunting snipe.
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