Freeze Milling
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Basic Information

Freeze milling is an innovative techinque for disposal of human corpses1, which consists of freezing the corpse to cryogenic temperatures with liquid nitrogen or a similar coolant and then shattering it into fine particles in a ball-mill. The resulting particles can then be allowed to thaw into a slurry which can be quickly disposed of by natural digestion (for example in a sewage treatment works or reedbed digestor).

This is a relatively new form of "burial", presented as an alternative to cremation for the ecologically minded and mostly confined to Scandinavia at present where a limited number of licences have been granted.

The related concept of promession replaces the aqueous disposal with freeze-drying of the remains, followed by their shallow interment in a biodegradable container.


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Game and Story Use

  • An interesting way to go, certainly…
  • Also - where such things matter - likely to make it really, really hard to resurrect you.
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