French Mythology
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Basic Information

French Mythology is the mythology and folklore of France, including that of the Bretons, Celts, Gauls and Gallo-Romans, Franks, and Normans, the Merovingian dynasty, and the poems known as the Lais of Marie de France.

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Game and Story Use

  • A good source of interesting characters and locations for gaming and storytelling.
  • The cross-pollinization of various mythologies and folklore may allow you to provide new and surprising elements surrounded by more familiar material the audience can use as a frame of reference.
    • And thanks to the strangeness Magonia, you can actually tie some of it to UFOs, Steampunk, and other more modern phenomena
    • Having things show up out-of-era might be jarring or a time travel related plot hook in a serious game, but entirely appropriate for something silly like an Asterix-based campaign.
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