Frog Bridge
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Basic Information

The Frog Bridge is a bridge in Willimantic, Connecticut lined by four eight foot tall bronze statues of frogs. According to legend, in 1754 the inhabitants of the town of Windham (which would eventually become part of Willimantic) were awakened by "a shrieking, clattering thunderous roar", causing the locals to panic in believing it was either an Indian attack or the End Times. Only in the morning did they discover the source of this sound - a nearby pond which was nearly dried up in the summer was ringed by dozens of dead bullfrogs which apparently had a fight over territory. This caused the town considerable embarrassment when the story spread, but in modern times the Frog Bridge was built in memory of the event.


1. The Battle of the Frogs by the Windham Historical Society
2. The Frog Bridge, Willimantic @ Damned Connecticut

Game and Story Use

  • Better to have an embarrassing cover story than admit to the world that you have a town worshiping and mating with Deep Ones.
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