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Fuel is a substance that can be burned to produce heat, lighting or power. Someone who sells fuel is called a fueller. A machine that burns fuel is called a generator if it produces energy, or an engine if it converts fuel into propulsion. Fuel may also be converted to energy by a fuel cell - a device using a process other than combustion.

In comparison to a battery, most fuels tend to provide more hours of power at lesser weight. So fuels may be the better choice if you need a lot of power all at once, or need the power over a long time, or if weight is an important consideration (such as in an aircraft or spacecraft). The trade off is that batteries tend to be less volatile or dangerous than a bunch of flammable fuel. Of course, there is fuel and then there is fuel - some are more energy dense and volatile than others - for example, steam powered vessels burning wood were vastly outranged by those burning coal and both were left standing by oil-fired propulsion (not to mention the increased ease of refuelling). Renewable energy is a cleaner and even better option if you have a tappable source and the space and weight capacity available and don't need the immediate high-burning on-demand power spike of a fuel (again, in terms of time between refuelling stops, sailing vessels outrange anything - even nuclear power - but rely on a vast expanse of rigging and, of course, the wind). All the preceding is assuming modern technology. Future technological breakthroughs may adjust any this.

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