Fungus Humongous
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Basic Information

While some fungi can grow fairly large, a Fungus Humongous is a fungus that is truly gigantic - as large as people or even trees, leading to entire forests consisting entirely out of huge mushrooms. In fiction (and old D&D modules) this seems to be particularly common in underground caverns.

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Game and Story Use

  • Giant fungi give you an easy way to come up with an unusual scenery while functionally still being similar to a forest environment.
  • In some cases, the fungi will be inhabited by people - who simply have to carve out their dwellings instead of constructing them.
    • And perhaps the Fungi Humongoi will be Magic Mushrooms as well.
      • Maybe they scatter their spores each spring - with interesting side effects on the inhabitants. Visitors should probably stay away during that time. Not that that ever stopped player characters…
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