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Basic Information

Fuse is a form of portfire designed to ignite an explosive. Traditionally a fuse incorporates some delay, but is not intended as a delay device in itself - most of the things that are called "delay fuses" only ignite after the end of the time delay and are therefore delay detonators. Likewise an explosive propagator - like detonator cord - isn't really a fuse either. Ideally fuse should burn quickly and smoothly at a known rate - if you want something to burn slowly, try slow match instead.

The most popular images of a fuse are probably the fizzing length of fuse match sticking out of a bundle of dynamite or the twist of blue 'touchpaper' on a firework. These are both typically made using gunpowder - either soaked into the touchpaper or as the filling for a length of hollow match. Another, once common, example of a fuse would be the quills of black powder used in later muzzle loading cannons to propagate between the lock and the propellant charge.


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Game and Story Use

  • Botching the relevant skill roll may lead to a PC confusing fuse match and slow match. This is potentially fatal.
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