Gang Uses Snake In Street Attack
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August 9, 2009: A gang in Bradley Stoke, South Gloucestershire, United Kingdom has used a snake to attack a 14 year old boy. The snake - a non-venomous python - was forced to bite the boy on the arm.



Game and Story Use

  • While this attack was neither well-thought out nor effective, having a gang which can control snakes and use them to attack their enemies would bring an added level of menace to fantasy, urban fantasy, and pulp games.
    • Maybe they worship Set or other snake deities.
    • The same might also be possible in Cyberpunk or science fiction games, if the snakes have some sort of control devices implanted into their skulls.
      • Or maybe they will just use descendants of the ACM-R5 snakebot for the same purpose - including poison stingers…
  • Another option: "someone attacked me with a python" is a false memory or Bland Rationalisation of an attack by reptilian humanoids. After all, what else would cause a big, snake-like bite but a big snake?
  • Various RPGs also include magic which allows the user to (usually temporarily) transform one or more of their body parts into a snake (albiet usually a venomous one) for use in combat. Someone with a transformed arm could easily be rationalised as "carrying a snake".
    • There's also the small matter of the magic used by Pharoah's magicians to transform their staves into snakes in imitation of Moses - that sort of thing could could conceivably still be in play, especially with the Setites mentioned above.
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