Garden Of Eden (Kansas)
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Basic Information

The Garden of Eden is an eccentric concrete sculpture garden created by the equally eccentric Samuel Perry Dinsmoor in Lucas, Kansas (USA). In 1905, Dinsmoor built the house that he called "Log Cabin" from hand carved and painted limestone. After inhabiting his sculpture, he then began to shape the surrounding property into his vision of paradise, creating over 200 concrete sculptures to decorate the landscape.

The final resting place of Dinsmoor and his late wife is inside the pyramid-like mausoleum that stands on one corner of the property at Lucas. As part of the Garden of Eden tour, all comers are allowed to view Dinsmoor's final work here. Dinsmoor's body is displayed in an open concrete crypt, sealed behind a glass wall — along with a double exposed photo of a live Dinsmoor viewing his own deceased body.


Game and Story Use

  • Samuel P. Dinsmoor was actually a modern day prophet, though neither he nor anybody else knew it. The sculptures on his property depict events of the past… and of the future.
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