Gas Giant
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Basic Information

A gas giant is a very large planet that is made mostly of non-solid matter.

In our Solar System there are four such gas giants: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.


Former Gas Giants

Old gas giants never die, they just become other planets



Game and Story Use

  • Harvesting material from the atmosphere of gas giants is a popular trope in Sci-fi, whether this is done with flying cities or by driving a ship into the upper reaches to scoop up fuel.
    • Where harvesting "space fuel" from gas giants is a thing, expect there to be major refineries and fuel depots orbiting either the planet itself or an inner moon. Naval bases, or at least oiling stations, could also be expected.
    • For those that don't hold with living on artificial habitats, a habitable moon might be very useful.
    • One possible export from a gas giant is metallic hydrogen fuel. If so, it would probably be mined by robots and remote-controlled devices, as the metallic hydrogen is found at pressures that would crush human bodies.
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