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Basic Information

Genesis is the first book of the Bible. The title comes from the Greek word for "beginnings" or "origins" and was how the book was called in the Septuagint, the great Greek translation of the Hebrew scriptures compiled in the First Century BC. The early chapters of the book are most myth-like, containing stories about how the world came to be and the first people. Then it shifts from being the story of mankind, to being the story of people: of Abraham and his descendants.

One of the recurring themes throughout the book of Genesis is the idea of Covenants, with God establishing promises with individuals on earth



Game and Story Use

  • The early chapters may be used as a model or as inspiration for original creation myths
      • Look especially for the minor characters, who sometimes become the progenitors of important tribes and nations later on; like Esau or Ishmael.
  • A holy man NPC will very likely quote passages of scripture and allude to stories from the Bible; Genesis has a lot of 'em.
  • Some of the stories in Genesis are Ones You Wont Hear in Sunday School, like the story of Tamar and Judah, or the Daughters of Lot.
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