Get Out Of Jail Free -- Monopoly's Hidden Maps
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September 18, 2009: An ABC News article tells of how, during World War II, British Intelligence smuggled maps and escape tools to soldiers in POW camps hidden inside Monopoly games. The maps were printed on silk and the tools, like metal files and a compass, were designed thin enough to be hidden inside secret compartments in the board itself. In addition, local currency was slipped into the packs of "Monopoly Money". The games were sent to the camps through a dummy charitable organization, so as not to compromise the International Red Cross, which sent humanitarian packages to prisoners on both sides during the war.


Game and Story Use

  • This story suggests ways that a character might hide useful gadgets, etc., to avoid searches.
  • Sometimes PCs get captured. They hate it, because it takes events out of their control. It's no fun if an NPC releases them or arranges to spring them. Instead, have a mysterious benefactor smuggle into prison the tools they can use to escape by themselves.
    • But who is the benefactor?
  • The PCs are guarding prisoners, and someone seems to be smuggling escape kits or something more dangerous into the prison camp.
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