Ghost city appears above Xin'an River
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June 27, 2011: A "ghost city" appeared above the Xin'an River near Huanshan City in East China, which has caused locals to speculate the mirage might be a "vortex" to a lost civilization.


Game and Story Use

  • An incursion from Faerie, perhaps?
    • Smugglers could be paid handsomely to bring weapons and supplies to guerrilla forces.
    • Indian troops and supplies wishing to get to the Northeastern parts of the country must pass through a 15 mile bottleneck between Nepal and Bangladesh (which can be seen here), so this region will likely see a lot of long-range strikes and acts by Chinese saboteurs, since China will want to slow down Indian supplies as much as possible in the event of such a conflict.
  • Given the long and deep occult histories of China, Tibet, and India, the conflict could also play out in the occult underground of an urban fantasy campaign.
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