Ghost Town
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Basic Information

A ghost town is a town that has been abandoned by its inhabitants for some reason. Following is a list of known ghost towns:

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Game and Story Use

  • Ghost towns allow for some really impressive firefights and explosions without having to worry about civilian casualties.
  • The reason for the abandonment of a ghost town might not be the usual commercial or governmental reasons, but the result of actual ghosts, monsters, or other supernatural hauntings - and this will make such a locale a lot creepier.
    • Especially if the player characters don't know the precise reason, but have the suspicion that it is a nasty one. The game master is then obligated to make it even worse than they could have imagined it.
    • The genius loci of a ghost town is likely to have some "issues" up to and including turning it into a bad place - again, this may be cause or effect: a town built on a pre-existing bad place is likely to end up deserted sooner or later (or having a Joss Whedon series set in it) but a town which dies of something unpleasant may become a bad place.
    • Actually a literal ghost town might be an interesting thing - a town which is actually populated by ghosts, perhaps living out the last day of the town's life (especially if it was wiped out in a single disaster) … or at least the last day before things went bad (if a single event lead to a more drawn out demise).
      • This could lead to a Brigadoon style encounter…
      • Likewise, the ghost of a town, remembering when its buildings were still standing and things were still lively. May or may not somehow pull back the ghosts of those who left it, to help it remember…
  • Stumbling across one of these in the wilderness can be suitably eerie.
  • England (surprisingly) is full of these … most date from the era of the black death and are virtually undetectable now, others date from the enclosure era and have a little more left. In many cases all that remains is a church, apparently in the middle of nowhere, which has survived because it was the only stone structure.
    • Scotland and Ireland also have a quite a lot from the clearances era and and the great famine respectively.
    • In any of these nations, developers attempting to raise a new village/housing estate on one of these sites could trigger all kinds of hilarity.
  • A subset of ghost towns comprises those which have been submerged in reservoirs and only re-appear during severe droughts.
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