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Basic Information

Taken from and old Gaelic word for "lad" or "servant", a ghillie, or gillie is a Scots term for a kind of hunting guide. Originally a ghillie was an attendant to a Highland Chief; but the term came to be used for a servant who attends on a hunting or fishing trip. A ghillie would also in some cases act as a gamekeeper, hired to protect a landowner's property from poachers and other predators.

The position also gives its name to the ghillie suit which was developed from the suits of camouflage material worn for deer-stalking in the Scottish Highlands.

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Game and Story Use

  • A ghillie could be a possible occupation for a Devoted Servant NPC to a character with aristocratic background.
  • Or for that matter, a PC could well be a ghillie.
  • PC's in a campaign set in the Victorian Era or earlier who go travelling in the Scottish Highlands will undoubtably encounter a ghillie or two.
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