Girl Selling Her Virginity To Pay For College
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September 16, 2008: A 22 year old woman going under the pseudonym "Natalie Dylan" is auctioning her virginity to pay off her student loans.

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Game and Story Use

  • In some cultures, there might be regular auctions for the right to deflower a women - it might even be expected of all women, similar to Sacred Prostitution.
    • In regular prostitution a pimp might well auction the virginity of a new recruit - including, possibly, the children of their existing workforce.
    • Mixing this with the custom of Droit de seigneur, the right to bid in such auctions might be reserved to nobility.
    • In a sophisticated - but decadent - society, young women might make less blatant contracts with wealthy 'sugar daddies' in order to advance themselves. This may give the girl entry to levels of society that she would not otherwise be able to access1 and, in a society that tolerates non-virgin brides - possibly even one that expects sexual experience by the time of marriage - may help her make a better permanent match for herself than she might previously have expected.
  • For Bobbie Gentry fans, the girl might be selling herself for something far more basic than college (or at least, that's the way Fancy tells it…).
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