Global Consciousness Project
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Basic Information

The Global Consciousness Project is an ongoing scientific project to examine whether events that provoke strong global emotional response among humans will create a deviation from the randomness of a random number generator - thus permitting random number generators to predict and reflect the activity of human consciousness in the world. Some events, like the September 11, 2001 attacks, allegedly became noticeable in the data several days before the attacks. I am not making this up.



Game and Story Use

  • If you ever need to come up with a scientific origin for the knowledge or study of psychic powers, this looks like a good candidate.
  • Perhaps the human consciousness in the world will one day develop into a mass mind of its own. If so, the numbers coming from this project will likely.
  • One has to wonder: How would the numbers deviate if Cthulhu began to awaken?
  • In a fantasy setting, wizards, druids or similar folks might work on some project to contact the Earth spirit of the entire world.
    • Which might or might not be a good idea - what if said spirit doesn't care for humans? Then it all becomes Cosmic Horror.
  • The side effects of a collective human unconscious having preternatural effects1 are a big issue in the Conspiracy X RPG setting.
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