Government Conspiracy
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Basic Information

A government conspiracy represents a genre of shows, a political trope, and a type of plot. It centers on a government trying to keep "the Truth" hidden, whatever that might be.



Game and Story Use

  • Government conspiracies are always good for making the player characters completely paranoid. After all, if they run afoul of one, they might be hunted by the entire resources of a government!
  • Practically speaking it is more likely to be an Establishment Conspiracy than a Government one - whatever the politics of your nation, governments change but The Establishment generally remains, and it is very easy for Establishment figures in two different governments to have more in common with one another than they do with non-Establishment members of their own faction. A conspiracy by any given government is open to attack by its political rivals, but once you have conspirators on both nominal sides, and preferably within the media as well, any attempt to expose it can be quickly derailed.
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