Granola Girl
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Basic Information

She's the Hippie Chick. She wears tie-dyed shirts and sandals; she's opposed to war, and environmental pollution, and she has some petitions she'd like you to sign. She's into crystal healing and probably frequents nudist beaches. The Granola Girl can be grating at times with her earnest political arguments and her militant vegetarianism, but can make up for it by her cheerfulness, her idealism, and by her inviting you to that nudist beach.



Game and Story Use

  • Although she is rather specific to the 1960s-'70s era, the type can appear in other settings as a person who was raised by hippies or who idealizes the Summer of Love.
  • Used as an NPC, the Granola Girl can be a romantic interest, albeit an annoying one.
  • The unworldliness of the Granola Girl makes her a ripe candidate for a Distressed Damsel
  • She also makes a good Ingenue
  • The Granola Girl can work as a PC as well, although the schtick can easily become tiresome unless she has a personality beyond the Love Beads.
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