Granrojo Jellyfish
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Basic Information

Tiburonia granrojo, is a rare1 but impressive jellyfish found in the Pacific Ocean. What makes it so special is it's size - nearly 10 feet (3m) in diameter! They are opaque, a deep fleshy red in color. They have short stubby arms2 that look kind of like tongues, instead of the long trailing stingers that most jellyfish exhibit.

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Game and Story Use

  • Kinda creepy, and very strange looking. A good amazement piece, throwing this 10ft-wide jellyfish into a scene will get people's attention. They'll probably assume it's dangerous, or maybe even alien.
    • Could serve as cover or an obstacle during an underwater fight scene.
      • And since they're so rare, the good-guys won't be willing to shoot through them. "Nobody move, or this jellyfish gets it!" :)
  • Science doesn't know much about them, so the GM could decide the Granrojo has venom, regeneration or some other strange properties.
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