Grease Devil
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Basic Information

Grease Devils are creatures believed to be attacking women in Sri Lanka, biting their necks and breasts. Historically, they were seen as thieves who only wore undergarments and covered themselves in grease so that they would be harder to grab, but the current incarnation seems to have become near-supernatural in the public perception, causing widespread panic and deaths as several people suspected to be grease devils were killed by angry mobs.

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Game and Story Use

  • Perhaps the belief of the people has caused this creature to become real - perhaps it is a tulpa or mythago?
  • Perhaps both theories are true: like a witch and her flying ointment or one of those voluntary werewolves with his wolfskin garment, the grease devil is actually a thief or other criminal, transformed by smearing a magical grease onto himself - perhaps gaining supernatural levels of stealth, dexterity and flexibility.
    • Of course, the animalistic behaviour may be a side effect of a bad recipe for the grease … or just the result of unaccountable power.
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