Greensburg, Kansas
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Basic Information

Greensburg is a small town located in Kiowa County, Kansas. In May of 2007, the town was almost completely destoyed by an F5 tornado. Estimates indicated that 95% of the town or more was destroyed by the tornado, with the town subsequently being declared a disaster area by both Governor Sebelius and President George W. Bush. After the tornado, the city council passed a resolution stating that all city building would be rebuilt to LEED platinum standards, making it the first city in the nation to conform entirely to such guidelines for 'green' construction. Greensburg is rebuilding as a "green" town, with the help of the non-profit organization created to help the residents learn about and implement the green living initiative.


Game and Story Use

  • Becoming the first city in the US to be built entirely to LEED standards has thrust Greensburg into the public eye.
    • This new publicity brings some unwanted attention to the town in the form of unscrupulous developers.
    • This new publicity brings some wanted attention to the town that the cult of Well Worshippers plans to exploit (see the aforementioned Big Well (Kansas) entry for more details).
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