Grey Juice
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Basic Information

Grey Juice (as compared to Black Juice) is a cant term for unaccountable funds held and used by an organisation for purposes which would be difficult or impossible to achieve by going through "normal channels". These funds are typically diverted from legitimate budgets by accounting tricks or accumulated by selling on equipment and consumables for cash or undeclared electronic currency1. Such accumulations are also referred to as "slush funds" and similar things. Grey juice may also imply black juice that has been laundered but still cannot be used as part of the legitimate accounts. Like the grey and black markets, these types of funding vary in their legality - grey money is technically legal but of dubious authenticity, black money is downright illegal.

In terms of format, cash is king, followed by commodities (like bearer bonds and bullion coinage) and/or private electronic currencies such as PayPal credit or BitCoins.


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Game and Story Use

  • These things were a standard part of corporate business until very recently - indeed, in some parts of the world they still are - and remain a common feature of government work, especially in the intelligence community.
  • When faced with accountancy proceedures, a substantial portion of humanity reflexively seeks to establish this sort of fund.
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