Grounded coal carrier in danger of breaking apart
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April 4, 2010: A Chinese-owned coal carrier has run aground on Australia's Great Barrier Reef and is in danger of breaking apart. It has 950 tonnes of heavy fuel oil and 65,000 tonnes of coal on board.

Apparently, the ship hit a restricted area of the reef at full speed, 15 kilometers away from the shipping lane. Environmentalists are expressing outrage that it is legal to traverse along the Great Barrier Reef without hiring a marine pilot for the course, and are blaming the state government of Queensland for their shortsightedness.



Game and Story Use

  • Maybe this was no accident, but deliberately designed to desecrate the Great Barrier Reef - and possibly weaken the resident nature spirits.
  • More generally, a shipwreck with the potential to release dangerous cargo could be a useful adventure hook - harder in a pre-modern setting (it would have to be fantasy before anyone cared), but useful twenty-minutes-into-the-future, where things much nastier than coal might be in the offing…
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