Hadron Collider II Planned For Circle Line
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April 1,2010: The administration of the London Underground is in talk with the administration of CERN to build a new particle accelerator in the Circle Line of the Underground, similar to the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva. A preliminary study indicated that it would be possible to build the accelerator parallel to the passenger lines at the fraction of the cost of excavating new tunnels near the existing facilities. The main collision experiments would be done in the newly furbished Westminster Station, below Portcullis House where the offices of more than 200 Members of Parliament are located.

Note: This article was an April Fools joke.



Game and Story Use

  • Even if it's just an April Fools' joke, this idea is just too cool not to use. Especially if the particle collider creates an interdimensional cross-rip (don't they always?), releasing monsters on the London Underground and the MPs above…
    • What if the dimensional rip is what someone plans? This could be the work of anyone from a mad modern-day alchemist seeking to create gold through human sacrifice to an MP trying to shave a few minutes off his morning commute.
  • More seriously, filling old tunnels below a city with scientific labs can make for some cool dungeons…
  • 2000AD's Bill Savage "campaign" features a particle accelerator built under St Pancras railway station in London by the occupying Volgans, at least partially to protect it from aerial bombing.
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