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Basic Information

A contraction of the German handeflammepatrone1 the HAFLA is a form of single shot flamethrower. The primary historical example of the breed is the Buck DM34 - a red-phosphorous projector resembling a large Maglite with a pistol grip and trigger on the end. Primary users were the German and Belgian armies who are purported to still have a number in stock.

Designed to blind enemy AFVs and start terrain fires the device can project burning material up to 50m2 in still air - although the low density, low velocity payload tends to drift in a crosswind. Don't fire it upwind.

This can be considered the modern descendant of the einstoss flammenwerfer of WW2.


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Game and Story Use

  • Very useful where you need to kill it with fire and don't fancy schlepping a full size flamethrower around with you.
  • Likely to be more common where there are threats about that warrant them. In a wainscot campaign, these may be made by armourers working for The Agency rather than sourced openly.
  • Compare with dragon's breath rounds for a fired-round equivalent.
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