Hate Sink
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Basic Information

The Hate Sink is a character who features prominently in stories that don't have a clearly definable villain, either because the opposition are natural forces or disasters, or because it consists of mindless or otherwise generic creatures without an apparent leader. In such stories, the Hate Sink will not be the ultimate cause of the problem, but he is so unpleasant and difficult that he will be someone the protagonists (and/or the audience) will be able to focus their hate on, so that they will be able to feel good when he gets his justly deserved fate.

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Game and Story Use

  • More to the point in role-playing games, the Hate Sink exists so that the PCs have someone identifiable on which they can take out their frustrations.
  • The Obstructive Bureaucrat makes a good Hate Sink.
  • Of course, it's good to avoid crossing the line between Hate Sink and Scapegoat. Or at least to only cross it intentionally…
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