Healing Factor
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Basic Information

A healing factor is something which induces regeneration - or at least unnaturally fast healing in someone that would not normally posses it.

Depending on your setting this can be a drug, magic (and/or a magic item), advanced nanotechnology or an infusion of blood from something which normally regenerates. How quickly it acts long the healing boost lasts, how complete it is and what side effects you get will vary.

Frequently the healing factor is ineffective against poison, disease and what have you and may not heal wounds caused by things that generally block regeneration (corrosives, fire, that sort of thing). Nanotech may or may not be vulnerable to EMP or ionising radiation.

Some healing factors may also only work on damage that is incurred after they were taken - those that don't run the risk of "fixing" surgical interventions, body piercings, tattoos and the like (although some can magically recognise hit point damage). Of course for really formidable healing - especially "touch of God" stuff, removing self modifications (and maybe even the damage caused by accumulated aging) may be appropriate.


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Game and Story Use

  • Obviously these are an valuable treasure or story reward for more combat orientated PCs.
    • single shot heals are even better - something that effectively gives a PC regeneration can be a game breaker.
    • don't overlook the story value of a PC receiving a "touch of God" complete heal at the end of an adventure - especially a holy quest.
  • Probably a major goal of alchemists - this may be what the panacea actually does.
  • In the same vein, the Fountain of Youth may actually be a powerful healing factor.
  • Vampire blood is a favourite - although the side effects care traditionally nasty.
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