Heavily Armed Convoy Flees Libya
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September 6 2011

A heavily armed convoy of Gadaffi loyalists has been seen fleeing Libya into the neighbouring nation of Niger.

The former dictator is not thought to be amongst them but rumour suggests that the fugitives are carrying a substantial quantity of gold and cash looted from the banks in Sirte.

Is this advance guard of a government in exile, or just rats leaving a sinking ship?


Game and Story Use

  • People fleeing a falling regime with money and weapons fits well into any era - some doubtless to become mercenaries or bandits, others to be governments in exile.
  • The PC's have received intelligence of such a convoy moving out in secret. Sounds like easy money, right? Well, except for the part about it being well-guarded.
  • Or, contrawise, the PC's might be assigned/hired to protect the convoy.
  • Hell, the PCs may be part of the convoy … as good a start to a campaign as any.
  • Perhaps the convoy carries something other than cash, such as art treasures from the Dictator's collection, members of the Dictator's Family, the unfinished super-weapon that the Dictator hopes will reverse his fortunes…
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