Heavy Gravity Planet
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Basic Information

A Heavy-Gravity Planet is, as the name implies, an exoplanet whose primary defining feature is it's extremely high surface gravity. This hypergravity makes reaching escape velocity very difficult, and is extremely inhospitable to human life. For thoughts on what sort of creatures might be at home there, see Heavyworlder.

The following planet types are, or could be (depending on planet size), heavy-gravity planets:


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Game and Story Use

  • Not the sort of place you want to be when you "run out of space gas" and find yourself stranded. :)
    • Which is to say, a perfect place for a bastard GM to narrate as the only planet within range of your escape pod after a space disaster. Cue the dramatic music!
    • How high the gravity is will determine whether you just need a jetpack to get around, if need a spacesuit to keep from passing out under the strain on your body, or if the pressure is so high that it will crush your spaceship like a discarded aluminum can 30 minutes after landing.
  • The default homeworld of any heavyworlder species in your campaign.
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