Height 611 UFO incident
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Basic Information

The Height 611 UFO incident is an alleged UFO crash near the town of Dalnegorsk, Primorsky Krai, Russia on January 29, 1986. "Height 611" refers to the hill on which it crashed.

At 8 PM, a reddish ball about half the moon's disc was spotted which was flying parallel to the ground (at a height of 700-800 meters) without making any sound. When it reached Height 611, it fell to the ground there, again without making any sound.

Three days later, ufologists examined the site. They found a landing ground 2x2 m in size, and the ground looked like it was affected by very high temperatures and was covered by a black film. Drops of silvery metal had been found, which consisted mainly of lead, silicon, and iron. Some of the drops contained significant amounts of zinc, bismuth, and rare earth elements. "Mesh particles" were also recovered, one of which consisted of scandium, gold, lanthanum, sodium, and samarium. Another consisted of gold, silver, and nickel. None of this is consistent with naturally occurring materials in the Dalnegorsk region.

An analysis of the soil, rocks, and burnt wood taken from the landing ground was also performed. It was noted that the chemical composition was similar to the composition of similar samples taken from the site of the Tunguska event.


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Game and Story Use

  • Dalnegorsk is only 20 miles away from the Pacific Ocean. What emerged from its depths?
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